These FAQs are intended to assist users of the Catena website and database.

If you do not find an answer to your specific question or problem, please go to the Feedback page and submit your query.

are there recommended settings for using catena’s database and website?

  • For both PC and Macintosh operating systems, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers.
  • All browsers must be configured to allow pop windows for in order to view the images. For more information about blocking pop windows in different environments, click here..
  • To view the clickable plans, Flash must be installed. To detect whether or not Flash is installed, click here.

when i click on the links to launch Luna Commons, It doesn’t work?
Firewalls, or browser settings that block pop-up ads or Java, may prevent correct operation of Catena. Test by turning off the firewall and/or allowing Pop-ups and Java from this site only—then adjust your Firewall or Browser settings. For more information about blocking pop windows, click here.

How do I turn off the pop-window blocker in my browser?
Every browser works slightly diferently on every operating system. In general, there is a setting that lets you allow pop-windows for selected sites. The url you need to enter to allow pop windows for Catena is For more information about blocking pop windows, click here..

How do i find help using Luna Commons?
Luna has compiled extensive help pages specifically related to the use of their image viewer on Luna Commons. Consult the Luna Viewer online help.

Is it necessary to register to use catena?
No, but registration allows users to access some functions of Luna Commons, including creating your own image groups, creating presentations and exporting them to Powerpoint, and exporting high resolution images to include in your own Powerpoint presentations.

I’m trying to find a specific landscape site and I have tried performing a search in the title field but not many images come uP. What shall I do?
The name of a site will not necessarily appear in the title. To find a set of images of a specific site in Luna Commons you can either click Browse by Category, or use the search bar at the top right. To search, enter the search term (i.e. the name of a villa). You can also search various categories by clicking the Advanced Search button. For a list of villa names, go to the Search Terms page. To browse images of specific villas, go to the Browse by Site page.

How do I export images from Catena for a
powerpoint presentation?

You can download image files from Luna Commons with or without being a registered user. As a registered user, you can save multiple images to a group and export the group for use in Powerpoint. Register at Luna Commons.

How CAN I contact catena?
For general inquiries, please contact:

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