Catena Updates

Update September 23, 2005

Interpretive texts have been added to nearly all the featured sites, along with primary texts. Elsewhere in the website greater interactivity has been achieved by allowing users to browse by site name, location, and work type and illustrating the Glossary. The Bibliography has been updated to include both primary and secondary sources.

Update April 18, 2005

An additional 600 images have been added to the collection, bringing the total number of images to 1,700. Additional terms have been added both to the Search Terms List and the Glossary.

November 1, 2004

Work on Catena began in May 2003, and we are pleased to be able to launch the first installment of the website and database, which currently includes 1,100 images of villas and their gardens.

We anticipate adding an additional 500 to 800 images to the database by the end of January 2005. By late summer 2005 Catena will also include interpretive essays and clickable plans for each of the featured sites, along with relevant historical documentation in the form of primary and secondary texts. These will be collected with the assistance of Participating Scholars and our Committee of Advisors.

We welcome any suggestions or comments about the project, which you may submit using our Feedback Form. If you would like to receive updates about the progress of Catena be sure to let us know.

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Hand-colored engraving of Mount Parnassus, Sorgvliet, 17th century, Dutch

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